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So – the husband bought a new toy Friday.  He got himself an iPad 2.  When the first iPad came out he really really really wanted one.  But he told himself, they will come out with a second version in no time and I’ll wait for that one.  So, he did.  We waited in line for two hours at Super Target for his shiny new iPad 2.  If we would have went to the Apple store I don’t think we would have even got one – or we would have at least been in line WAAAAAYYYYYY longer….I must say the thing is pretty neat and allows him to sit in the living room with me while he surfs the web instead of sitting in the office.  I leave my laptop plugged in the living room so that is where I surf on the regular.

I plan on using it when I got out and have client meetings at Starbucks and the like.  Or else eventually getting my own.  That is the only reason I want one.