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I Can Has?

This would work for the study.  Ink cartridge chandelier!!!

inkcartridgeSeller BOXLIGHTBOX

This is a still from the upcoming movie “The Runaways”.  This chair is awesome.  I haven’t seen one like this before.



Colorful White.

housebeautifulflowerkitchenI LOVE white kitchens (the husband still needs some convincing).  This shot from House Beautiful with the colorful flower explosion in the white kitchen makes me swoon.  I have got to have my white kitchen.

Just a shot of the side table beside the chair my butt usually occupies in our living room. I like it.

Loving these!





I’m pretty sure we have decided on these chairs for our dining room.

From Room Service.

styrofaomI saw this pedestal over at Apartment Therapy.  I would love to have it and put it in my living room with only modern things on and around it.  It would look nice.  Hey, guess what.  It is made out of styrofoam.  My dog might eat it.

Today is Christmas Movie Marathon Sunday.  First up ….. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

This is the husbands familys favorite christmas movie–come on over and you will hear them all reciting it throughout the holiday season.
My favorites are:

1. Randy Quaids see through sweater with dickie ensemble.

cvdickie2.  The moose mugs – the husband wants a set.

cvmoosemugs3.  Aunt Bethany.


What THE What?  of the day – Aunt Bethany voiced Betty Boop and Olive Oyl!


The new issue of Lonny featured a picture of the bathroom in the J Crew womens collection store.  Its STRIPE _ED

striped bathroomIts pretty awesome.

Here is a striped bathroom from my inspiration files from our beloved Domino.  BIG TOP STRIPES.


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Doesn’t this dreamy room make you think of New Orleans?  Or is it just me?  I think its the exposed brick.