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Whats For Dinner?

Currently contemplating sampling every flavor of Dominos new ‘Specialty Chicken’ for dinner…..

specialty chicken



“I don’t know how many cesarean I do, but the national average is really low so you should be fine.”

- OB in response to a question from a mother.

If you are looking for an OB, and they don’t know the national average for cesareans (hint: it is far from ‘really low’) OR their OWN cesarean rate……I suggest you do not go with them…  Sheesh thats just embarrassing.

For anyone interested our national average stays around 30% and the cesarean rate at The Farm (where I will be so long as my pregnancy keeps going smoothly) stays under 2%.


Baby Names.

Since we aren’t sharing the babies name I thought I’d start sharing some names that we are NOT using because Todd said no.

Todd said we can not name the baby:



22 Weeks.

Whoops.  Havent posted since week 15!  I am now 22 weeks and 2 days – more than halfway through!!

Here is a pic from week 20.



How far along?  22 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain?  22 pounds as of yesterday.  OH god.  So far every midwives appointment I’ve been told ‘that is within range’.  So we’ll see at my appointment next week.  I wish the scale read more like 19 at this point…

Maternity clothes?  Oh yes.  I have hardly any of my regular clothes that look right/fit.  I basically wear the same three things over and over.  I hate spending money on clothes for myself when we need to save so much for labor/delivery baby things etc.  But every once and again I HAVE to get things – a girls gotta put clothes on.  This past weekend we went out and I bought a pair of linen blend maternity shorts and a maternity tank top from Old Navy.  My normal tank top kept rolling  up over my belly like when you see a redneck with a beer belly hanging out from his white cotton tank in the movies.  I also bought the standard black t shirt dress from Target with the ruched sides and a nightgown.  Of the millions of things I tried on those were the only four I was satisfied with enough to pay money for.  I have a baby shower coming up this weekend and it is at the beach.  So I also tried on a bunch of swimsuits – but didn’t like ANY that I tried on.  BUT this showed me what I definitely didn’t like and led me to order a swim dress maternity suit from Amazon that had great reviews.  I received it yesterday and tried it on and couldn’t believe that I actually like it.

Stretch marks?  I don’t think I have any new ones, but my stomach has been awfully itchy this past week or so!!!!!  Some might be starting.  I hope I get some belly butter at the shower haha!

Sleeping?  Overall still sleeping good enough.  It has become a bit more uncomfortable and is noticeably harder to flip this thing over.  I have always been a flip flopper while sleeping.  Also, getting harder to breath already.

Best moments? Went in to photograph newborns at Huntsville Hospital which I haven’t done in a few weeks and all of the nurses ohhhd and ahhhd and my now visible baby bump.  Also I can now definitely feel this baby kicking all around constantly.  Its pretty neat.  Oh yeah…and we found out its a GIRL!  We had both felt certain it was a girl the whole time, but we seemingly got our confirmation from the ultrasound technician.  She saw ‘a little hamburger’.

Food cravings?  Hamburgers.

Anything making you queasy or sick?  No.  Thought last night I tried to heat up some ground turkey to eat in a wrap and the smell of the turkey made me totally change my  mind.  Couldn’t eat it.

Labor signs?  Nope.

Symptoms?  Harder to breath.  I’ve found it noticeably harder to stand up straight.

Belly Button? In.

Wedding ring? On.  No noticeable swelling in my hands or feet/ankles.

Happy or moody?  Happy

Looking forward to?  The shower this weekend, and seeing my family and friends there!


*I have often been thinking to myself that living on the beach would make it much easier on my maternity wardrobe.

*It is a daunting task to name a human being.  Kind of serious business.

*I have been working on a playlist for labor and delivery time.  I think having a playlist of songs that make me happy and or relaxed will help me concentrate.  If I don’t have something that will hold my attention (ADD) – it will go straight to any painful or uncomfortable sensations I may be feeling.

*I went to a swap meet with Rocket City Sling Swap – a group of local baby wearing parents.  I was particularly interested in this meeting because they were going to talk about back wearing which I am very interested in.  My thoughts are that I could photograph with baby on my back.  Its nice to meet up with other local parents who are interested in the same things!  I have become one of their group photographers.

*We have already been receiving some gifts for baby and it is VERY exciting!

*While listening to Simon and Garfunkel ‘I Am A Rock’ I realized how nicely the lyrics work for a laboring woman who is trying to be in her zen place;

“I am alone,
Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

I’ve built walls,
A fortress deep and mighty,
That none may penetrate.”….

“I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.
I am a rock,
I am an island.

And a rock feels no pain;
And an island never cries.”

*The baby went to her first show – Wild Cub, in the upcoming weeks she will also go to Haim, Rob Zombie, Jason Isbell, and hopefully Hangout Fest.  We are starting her on music early.

*Utero Baby also flew on a plane to Houston and back recently.

*I asked Todd what he was going to do when the baby was coming out and he said “I’ll go down there and catch her.  I’ll say “Throw me something Mister!”.  I know for anyone reading who didn’t grow up with Mardi Gras may not get that at all.

*We have had two ultrasounds and they will probably be the only ultrasounds we get.  While I was in Houston I had some spotting, the only time the entire pregnancy I had that so it made me paranoid.  When we came back we had an ultrasound just to make sure everything was fine.  It was!  Baby was 18 weeks and 2 days at that time and everything was measuring spot on – 18 weeks and 2 days!  Except for her legs, they were measuring 18 weeks and 4 days.  The spine was fine.  She was moving A LOT and sucking her thumb.  She was kicking her legs and flailing her arms all around so much that the technician couldn’t get the thingy between the legs to see what was hiding in there.  We went back at 2o weeks just to find out the gender, and she was still moving a good bit and opening and closing her mouth.  She would stretch her legs out and then pull them up as if she were sitting indian style.  She was in the breech position that day (butt down instead of head down) but she has plenty of time to flip all around.  We were relieved that there was only one baby in there.

*When I talk on the phone I usually pace all around (ADD).  Well, talking and pacing at the same time has not been as easy anymore!  I lose my breath!

*We are talking about getting life insurance at least for me.

*We went to a newborn class at Crestwood Hospital this past Monday night.  The classes held at Crestwood are free, and anyone can attend – you don’t have to be delivering there.  We wanted to take this class mainly to learn infant CPR and what to do if baby is choking.

This picture was taken at 20 weeks – the day we went to get the gender revealing ultrasound.  Can definitely see bigger belly and my face looks fuller to me.  I’ve been trying to grow my hair out, but when it gets this length I ALWAYS hate it here and feel like it looks like a soccer mom and I need to go chop it off.  Opinions?



This day was a bit of a doozy.  This is one of the days I was most looking forward to.  We were planning to go to Borough Market – one of the largest food markets – and I had been pumped for weeks.  I had done my research on what booths were there and was most looking forward to Raclette, a brownie from the brownie tower, and some fresh juice.  I woke up that morning with a bit of an unexpected surprise.  This might be getting into TMI territory, but I had started my period.  It wasn’t supposed to come until the next week dangit!  For me, I cramp really bad on my first day.  I am usually kept on the couch with a heating pad with any plans cancelled.  But..I was in LONDON!  I couldn’t cancel our day and have Todd suffer too.  So I put my big girl pants on and told myself ‘Its all good.’

We were planning on doing plenty of munching at Borough Market, so we skipped breakfast.  We tubed to London Bridge.  There were lots of people traveling with suitcases this day crowding the tube, and families with children going on outings.  I thought it was cute hearing the young kids asking their parents for ‘lollies’.  We walked the rest of the way to the market, stopping to take more pictures of Tower Bridge, walked down Oliver Twist steps (which we passed up and had to turn around to find), past beautiful Southwark Church (which we learned was pronounced suth-ick).




That face.






006_lsatRight about here I needed to stop and take a sit down due to my ‘situation’.  We stopped just here and had a nice view of the river.

001_satThen we walked the rest of the way to Borough Market!  Sadly, I didn’t end up taking as many pictures as I would have otherwise on this day, because I was so irritated by my cramps.




I was very excited, but trying to hide that I was in a lot of pain (trying not to be a downer) and had to turn around for several restroom stops.  Luckily they had nice clean restrooms, but of course there was a line.  Eventually we would have to leave in search of a pharmacy or store to get some pain relief.  But meanwhile, we are starting our Borough Market eat-a-thon.  Right at the start of our trail was the Raclette booth!  008_lsat

009_lsatI was so excited.  This booth was super crowded with people standing in line.

010_lsat There was a girl standing outside the booth that you would pay for your order (raclette or cheese sandwich) and she would give you a ticket to stand in line.

041_lsat  I ordered raclette obvisouly then found my way to Todd to share.

042_lsat043_lsat It was glorious!  The melted cheese over potatoes with the gerkins and cracked pepper. 011_lsat Perfect combination.  Our next stop was Boston Burger where we ordered a sausage burger with cranberry relish, greens, and dijony mustard.  We shared this and it was also yummy (but not as yummy as the raclette).


044_lsatWe then shared a brownie from the brownie tower, and it was good, but not as good as the one that we shared from Harrods.  040_lsatWhen I spotted a nut booth with all these different nuts we had to stop!  But the nut workers were rude.  I chose some spicy cashews and Todd choose some sweet cinnamon nuts- which is so us.  Then there was the fresh juice bar, Todd had watermelon juice (he is a watermelon fiend) which he said tasted mostly like water.  I sadly have no memory whatsoever of which juice I choose, but I remember I was very pleased.  Next a couple of yummy truffles, and Todd spotted Roast.046_lsat  He had read about their pork belly and cracklin sandwich (which I had written in my notes as a sannitch) and this was his raclette haha.  047_lsatHe had been waiting for this, and he was pleased to chow down on this one without having to share with me. 048_lsat He then bought an olive and cheese loaf which I also did not eat because olives- ew.

At this point I couldn’t deal anymore and just needed to sit down.  It was starting to sprinkle.  I had planned to go to Monmouth coffee now, but the line was down the road, it was starting to sprinkle, and my patience was non-existent.  We headed to the nearest Starbucks, and stopped at Cinoco (an artisan chocolate shop) on the way.  Thankfully this particular Starbucks had  large cushy chairs and cozy private-ish sitting areas, so I sat down and had a rough time with my cramps while Todd ordered our warm coffees to warm us up after having been lightly rained on.  We used this time to find where the nearest store was so that I could buy some meds.  We found out we had to backtrack a good bit to get to Boots Pharmacy.  After doing all the backtrack walking, we discovered they were closed on Saturdays!  WHAT?!!!  Needless to say I was not pleased at all.  We ended up in a Tesco and the meds gave me a bit of relief.

We walked back over London bridge so that we could do the bankside walk alongside the Thames and cross the Millenium Bridge.  We saw lots of street performers here which we had learned have to tryout and have special permission.  Highlight from the street performers were these two young brothers playing guitar and singing, and bubble artists that crowds of children were really enjoying!  And then we ran into a group of furries….weird.  The Globe.

017_lsatWe took a little side detour through a little street lined with shops and saw lots of awesome things and I got to pet a stout frenchie.  Which of course made me happy.



Thats St.Pauls dome sticking out the top there.016lsat

Millenium Bridge.




Approaching the start of Millennium Bridge.




024_lsatAnother war monument.



This was as close as I would get so Todd got another with his iPhone.







There was a skate park along the walk too.



Where skateboards go when they die.

034_lsatAfter that we tubed back to Paddington, stopped by the hotel where I left my cameras because I was tired and didnt want to carry them – they are heavy!  So the rest of the photos were with Todds iPhone.  Bussed to Portobello Rd which also has a large and popular market open on Saturdays, and is known to be a good shopping district.  It was late in the evening though (later than we planned on being there), and the shops and market were closing up. notting hill

portobello market

There was one store in particular that was still open and I LOVED.  All kinds of different plaid scarves and preppy wear.  I was seriously enamored by a wool capelet.  I WANTED IT SO BADLY.  It was expensive though, so at the time I passed it up upon Todds insistence that we don’t know how much more money we would need to spend.  At the end of the trip there was enough left for me to have it, and but there wasn’t enough time to get all the way back out there!  We trekked to Notting Hill where there was a gorgeous sunset going on and looked at all of the lines of colorful houses, and ate at a very nice little Italian place for dinner were a nice family was meeting and saw us perusing the menu outside the restaurant and assured us it was their neighborhood favorite!

notting hill2




notting hill5


When Todd saw this shop he got pretty excited, but alas, it was closed already.

printshopThat was our day with a painful unwanted guest.

I’ve been on Todd about videoing recently.  I want some sort of video recorder since there is offspring coming.  He insists that the iPhone video is good enough and I do not agree.  I saw this video of a family vacation on a blog I follow – College Prep – and I LOVE IT!!  Its exactly what I would love to put together for our holidays/vacations/ special occasions….  They used a Go Pro.


Sometimes you want something and you buy it right then, and then one month later its been sitting there in the corner collecting dust.  You look at it and think ‘Why did I spend my money on that?’  Or you don’t buy it right then and then a month later it hasn’t entered your mind again.

Then there are times when you want something, you don’t get it, and three months later you still want it really really badly!  Thats when you know you really want it!

I want this Raclette maker!  I saw it in a Pottery Barn catalog in December, I wanted it then and I still want it now!  I read about Raclette before our London trip and was SO excited to go to Borough Market and trying the sought after dish.  I loved it!  When I saw the spread of the at home maker in the catalog I noted what a fun holiday or xmas eve tradition that would be!  To have a fun, hands-on Raclette night!







The way it was served in London and I think traditionally is they cut a wheel of cheese in half, heat the top layer, scrape the melted top layer off onto a bowl of smashed new potatoes, top with ground black pepper and a side of gherkins!  YUMMY!!!!!!  Thats how I would want to eat it most of the time!  Here int the magazine spread they show it mostly over toasts and little meats and veggies that you can warm on the top, while the cheese is melting in the little tray underneath.  My nest London post is the day we had Raclette so you will see those pics then.


15 Weeks.

I haven’t updated you guys in a few weeks!  I turned 15 weeks today.  Thats almost 4 months along!  I don’t know if you can tell the difference but Todd and I definitely can.  Top is 8 weeks bottom is 14 weeks.


How far along?  15 weeks yesterday.

Total weight gain?  1o pounds.

Maternity Clothes?  Not yet.  It has still been cold , and as I mentioned before my regular leggings are too tight along with my jeans and pants, but the maternity leggings I did buy are too big!  So I went to target and bought a pair of yoga pant crops with a foldover waist.  Those are working very nicely under dresses for colder days.  Just put on some tall socks and boots with them.  I also purchased an easy maxi skirt with a foldover waist.  I am so short that I have to wear it just under my boobs anyway so it wont drag the ground.  It isnt maternity but I pulled it out with my hands and it seems to me there is plenty of room for a sizable baby bump there.  It helps that it is currently too long!  So no maternity clothes.  But some larger sized clothes with stretchy waists!  Last night Todd shared with me his opinion on maternity clothing last night.  ”I think you should go cheap.  Because hopefully…you’ll never need to wear it again…..*pause and side eye*.”

Stretch Marks? No new ones that I’ve noticed.

Sleep? Sleeping fine.  Except when I have to get up 2-4 times a night to pee.

Best Moment These Weeks?  I guess that I’m actually starting to show in my clothes?   Thats better than just feeling like you look bloated and fatter only.  Its been fun working with my mom on the upcoming baby shower she and my Granny are throwing!  I designed the invitations and I LOVE THEM!  Also we made our registry and it was so fun!  We made a registry on Amazon and I was OCD level obsessed for an entire weekend.

Miss Anything? Not really.

Movement? Not yet.  I read online that folks tend to start feeling movement between 16-22 weeks.

Food Cravings? I haven’t eaten McDonalds for about 6 years.  The thought of it normally grosses me out.  But for a solid couple of weeks I could not stop thinking about chicken McNuggets with Sweet and Sour sauce!!  I did NOT get them though!!  I’ve been wanting cold and creamy – smoothie/milkshake/frappucino.  One day I just decided that chocolate almond milk mixed with Cherry Coke would be SO good.  I tried it.  It was….ok.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not lately.

Gender? We supposedly find out at our March appointment!

Labor Signs? Nope.

Symptoms? Boob growth and some pregnancy pimples.  I had about a week of pregnancy constipation bleck.  I had a few days at the start of second trimester where I just stayed starving.  It seemed like whatever I ate I couldn’t satisfy myself, I felt ravenous!  I think I just wasn’t eating enough calories.

Belly Button? In.

Wedding Ring? On.

Happy or Moody? Happy.

Looking Forward To? My March midwives appointment to find out the gender and my moms shower!

Field Notes:  

*I am very excited to be having a calligrapher friend of mine working on a piece for the nursery!  Of course I will elaborate more on that when we receive the piece.

*We will be finding out the gender of the baby, as I said earlier supposedly at our March appointment.  We will also be sharing the gender with our friends and family.

*We will NOT be sharing the name of the baby until after it is here and officially named.  For two main reasons.  One: I don’t want to hear anyones opinions on why they do not like whatever name we may pick.  I don’t care if you like it.  Two:  I am liable to change my mind, so I don’t want everyone getting set on one name or monogramming things and we change it.  In fact we might just get it down to a short list and pick the actual name after baby is here.

*Something I was thinking about within these past few weeks, is the support I get from Todd.  Some other peoples knee jerk reactions to learning I am hoping for a natural unmedicated birth was to tell me I can’t do it, or negative comments about how bad its going to hurt.  Todd NEVER said any of that.  And to be honest, I never wrestled with the idea either just to put that out there.  From the first time I brought the subject up before we were even pregnant he never once said “Babe, are you sure about that?  I don’t know if you can make it.”  He was confident from the start that if I wanted it, I could manage it, and coming from the person that knows me best thats a nice boost of confidence.

*People who send me good vibes and show me support and encouragement are the ones that will be let into my circle and be most involved in this process.  People that send bad vibes and speak a lot of negativity that may cause stress will be left out.  I have seen what happens when pregnant women let negative thoughts burrow into their minds and it isn’t happening here.

* I have been able to eat eggs again sometimes!!  I had an egg aversion.

* I can definitely notice that I am getting winded while exercising much easier.  I have to take more breaks.

*The baby has grown to the size of an apple.

*I promise I will take more pictures of my visits to The Farm after the cold goes away!!  I don’t have the patience to get out of the car into the cold to shoot.  Plus it will be so much prettier when everything is green again!  I’m hoping maybe Todd can take my maternity photos there.  Funny aside, The Farm is near ‘Amish country’, so on the drive there we often pass the Amish on the roads in the horse and buggies (holding up traffic)  and there are hitching posts at local businesses for them.

* I bought a boppy cover..but I dont have a boppy yet- haha!

*I can’t get in hot tubs.  I really didn’t know that!!!  I emailed my midwife about it thinking it was one of those super silly questions and of course its fine but I better ask to be sure.  Answer was that it is not recommended.  So I guess I won’t be hot tubbing anytime soon.

*We have bought three little baby clothing items!  Things that we feel are gender neutral at this point – and they were all on sale haha!


When we woke up this day, we just had a quick breakfast of…treats that we had bought at Harrods the day before.  You know, chocolate covered dates, a brownie.  By the way these chocolate covered dates were SO good.  Todd ordered some from somewhere else to put in my holiday stocking but they were nowhere even close.  The brownie was also one of the best brownies I’ve eaten.  We threw our clothes on, put our laptops in the safe so we could head out, closed it, and then needed to get back in the safe for something.  Problem was the safe wouldn’t open.  We called the desk and they said they would send the safe guy to our room.  Todd was not pleased.  He seemed to be convinced that our things were locked in the safe forever.  I however felt that hotels wouldn’t have safes in the rooms if they didn’t have some way of busting in to them.  This probably happened all the time.  Sure enough the man finagled something and got it open within a few minutes.  Turns out my laptop was too big for the safe.  Whoops!

From there we bussed out to Camden (or Camden Town) to go the open air markets.  This area is known to be ‘alternative’ with lots of music and shopping.  If you want to see old school punks and lots of graffiti you better go to Camden Town.  Amy Winehouse lived and died there, and of course performed.  She seemed sorely missed in the area- there were old show posters still up and several spots of Winehouse graffiti.


We could have probably happily explored Camden for a few days, but of course we didn’t have that long.  (I liked how they post reminders to ‘mind the gap’  ’look right’ ‘look left’  and now – ‘mind the step’.)





The big market we wanted to go to was Stables Market.




This place was so massive that you could def. spend an entire day there.


003_lfIt is winding and meandering and I’m certain we didn’t cover all of the market.






There were all types of stalls from clothing to keepsakes, to antiques, indian textiles, jewelry.  You would be amazed at the vintage clothing stalls they had.


Here in the states plaster casting pregnant bellies has become popular, but I thought these brass casts were a lot more impressive!


I got a silver scarab pendant from one of these stalls.  There were a lot of little pieces that I wanted, but they add up!


There are tons of tantalizing food stalls, mostly foreign foods (japanese, mexican,indian,chinese).  At the time Todd was being very choosy and picky and ‘wasn’t feeling anything’.  We ended up eating massive calzones and still water from the pizza stall.  I fed the birds some of my calzone which Todd didn’t appreciate.  But I don’t care.


From there we walked on to Camden Market, which had a lot of booths that had the same things.  The stalls here were overpriced, even for London.  There we stopped into Chin Chin Labs.  It is an ice cream joint that uses nitrogen to freeze your ice cream whenever you order it.

Todd was pretty excited to go watch Camden Lock in action for awhile so we headed that way.

014_lfI don’t really know how to explain what  lock is if you don’t know, so I googled the definition; Lock - a short confined section of a canal or other waterway in which the water level can be changed by the use of gates and sluices, used for raising and lowering vessels between two gates.






I guess Todd thought this lion was cool.


After plenty of time lock gazing, and then searching for a restroom, we tubed to Westminster to catch the last tour of the day at Westminster Abbey.




Westminster Abbey is the traditional place for coronation and burial of monarchs, and many royal weddings have been held here.

 Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin are both buried here!  You get a little audio guide that is very easy to follow as you walk through the cathedral looking at all of the stained glass, effigies, and graves.



The courtyard looked like Hogwarts so I had to snap a picture.



From there we walked to the London Eye but it was SO crazy crowded that we decided to maybe try in the morning.

029_lfThis was already something that wasn’t at the top of our list to do.  We tubed back to the hotel for a short rest before dinner.  We attempted to research which restaurant we wanted to visit in Chinatown for dinner.  At this point I was tired and didnt feel like carrying my camera bag.  So here are a couple of quick shots from Todds iPhone.



Chinatown was very pretty!  All red.  We explored the area and then headed for dinner.  The menu and ordering was nothing like we are used to in Alabama chinese restaurants.  Face it we mostly just have buffets and take out.  One good thing about big cities is that they have chinatowns and little italys etc. with authentic foods.  We settled on this meal for 2 thing where its pretty much decided for us and it was very very tasty.

From there we stopped at Tesco!  This is a grocery chain in London.  I reallly wanted to just peruse a grocery store.  I know maybe weird.



12 Weeks.


Today I am 12 weeks.

Sorry no type of bump picture or anything this week.   Todd and I have been taking them, but I was thinking I’d wait until it was popping out a bit to start sharing.  With todays widespread crazy Alabama weather, he didnt get home until late so we didnt have time to take the 12 week picture yet.  BUT it definitely is showing now, at least for TOdd and I to notice.  Sunday night when I was getting ready to go to bed, I took a look in the mirror and it was like all of a sudden it was there.  my lower stomach is sticking out.  Now I’m not going to lie.  It’s been a little irritating for me, because since I’m not one of those girls who has a flat stomach, its harder to see at first.

How far along? 12 weeks yesterday.

Total weight gain? 8 pounds.  A little high in my opinion.

Maternity clothes? My jeans, leggings, and panties have been getting tight.  I decided to buy some maternity leggings.  I thought that since they are stretchy I could probably buy a bigger pair and it would work both now and late in pregnancy.  Nope.  They are currently too big to comfortably wear.  They fall down!  Last week I stopped at Target to peruse the panty section and I was going back and forth in my mind on if I need maternity panties, or just regular panties in a larger size.  Just at that moment, a mommy called me to chat about my pregnancy!  YaY!  She has a little girl who is one year and three months.  I answered and asked her opinion.  I was leaning towards normal panties in a larger size, and she confirmed that that is indeed what she wore.  So I went for it.  I tried to put on my jeans yesterday and they were just too tight to wear comfortably.  Even using the rubberband to leave the button open bit was too uncomfortable!  I can’t imaging leaving the fly down…

Stretch marks? No new ones.  I have been eyeing some of the Mama Mio skin care tummy butter stuff for future use though…

Sleep? Sleeping fine!  None of the pregnancy insomnia I’ve read about.  Still able to sleep on my stomach if I like.

Best moment of this week? Finding the new Paddington Bear collection on Baby Gap!  I died.

Miss anything?  Sushi.  Small boobs.  Looks like my days of sitting around the house with no bra on are slipping past me.  Being able to skip lunch or have a late lunch if my day is busy doesnt cut it anymore either.

Movement? Not yet.

Food Cravings? I wanted peanut butter a couple of  nights ago, so instead of Todds planned dinner I made myself a pb&j.  Thats really about it this past week.  Nothing major.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No my queasiness has pretty well subsided.  Unless I just get really hungry and need to eat.  Also my prenatal vitamins have been making me gag.  Just the smell of them can do it!

Gender? Too early.

Labor signs? Too early.

Symptoms? Boobs are bigger though not nearly as sore as they were at the beginning of this adventure.  I have noticed over the last week or so I have gotten my energy back mostly.  The fatigue seems to be wearing off here nearing the end of this first trimester.

Belly Button? In.

Wedding Rings? On.

Happy or moody? Happy.  Haven’t had any crazy mood swings.  I will say that my patience seems to be a little shorter though.

Looking forward to? My second midwives appointment next week!

 Field Notes:

* I’m ready to show more.  This whole ‘I’m not obviously pregnant just look a little fatter’ thing is an annoyance.

*I’ve been taking prenatals, vitamin D, and fish oil pills.  I already had been taking prenatals and fish oil pills.  The local midwife had told me that taking them really early would help when we decided to start trying.  I was taking the fish oil to help my sore joints from exercising.

*We signed all of our paperwork for The Farm to turn in at next weeks appointment.

*The cold has been keeping me VERY unmotivated.  When I wake up I don’t want to leave the warm blankets.  When I do pry myself from there, and get cozy at my computer to work – on the couch under my blanket- I again do not want to move from that one spot that I have carved out for myself.  Sometimes when I need to exercise, I again do not want to leave the blankets and ESPECIALLY do not want to take my scarf off.  Its just not good all around.

*It just dawned on me tonight that I’m probably not supposed to eat hot dogs this whole pregnancy.  THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Did anyone tell y’all that some family members elected to call me ‘Hot Dog’ as a nickname when I was young?  Can you guess why?  If you guessed ‘because every time when asked what I wanted to eat I said A Hot Dog.’ then you would be correct.  Honestly I don’t eat them much now, just because they arent good for you.  But I mean, when I want one I want one!!!